The manuscripts submitted to Positif : Jurnal Sistem danTeknologi Informasi should be an original one that never been published before. Any manuscripts being processed should be not under consideration for publication in other journal or publication until there is a notification from Positif editorial board.

Positif accepts manuscripts written in Bahasa or English in the form of scholarly article or research results, number of pages of the manuscript of at least 5 pages. The manuscripts can follow the template in the form of Introduction – Methodology – Result – Analysis – Discussion style.

The manuscripts should consist of Title, Abstract (in Bahasa and English), Introduction, Method, Result and Discussion, Conclusion, and Reference.

Submitted file must be in .doc or .docx format.

Registration and login are required to submit items online and to check the status of current submissions.

  1. Access Sites:
  2. Click Register Menu (If you dont have a user account )
  3. Then fill the form fields that have been provided
  4. After filling out the form then click submit
  5. Check your notification email for knowing notification from Jurnal Positif Which contains the username and password
  6. Login using Username and password when you (author) want to submit journal manuscript
  7. Journal manuscript, Author Affiliation, and corespondency have to uploaded.
  8. Content manuscript are title, author identity and corespondency will be upload in (supplementary file).
  9. Upload manuscript must use the provided template journal. Manuscripts that do not use templates provided, will not be processed further without notice.
  10. Please download form template.Template Journal
  11. Submission Guideline for Author.pdf
  12. Once the submission materials have been prepared in accordance with the Author Guidelines, manuscripts should be submitted online.
  13. The Editor then views the submission and evaluates it for technical compliance with the basic journal standards for focus and scope, formatting, length and style, and English comprehensibility as outlined in the Author's Submission Guidelines.
  14. The Editor then decides whether the manuscript will be sent out for review, or will be returned to the Author for technical revisions or advised to submit to another journal. For technical revisions, normally the Author is given two weeks (14 days) to revise the manuscript. If extra time is needed, the Author needs to email and notify the Editor.
  15. After the revisions, the Editor then evaluates the subject matter of the submission and accordingly contacts potential reviewers based on his/her judgment of their expertise and skill in evaluating some or all of the content in the submission.
  16. If any Reviewer(s) decline to perform the review, alternates will be consulted until at least two Reviewers are set for the manuscript. Typically, a submission will have three Reviewers (including the Editor), but more may be recruited.
  17. Each Reviewer independently evaluates the manuscript according to the criteria explicitly stated in the Review Guidelines, normally within two to three weeks (14-21 days). Each Reviewer provides his/her general and specific comments and makes one of the following recommendations to the Editor:
    • Accept in present form
    • Accept with minor revisions, no further review requested unless major changes are made in accordance with other reviews (at the discretion of the Editor).
    • Accept with minor revisions, but send the revised manuscript back for further review.
    • Accept with major revisions, automatic further review of the manuscript unless the reviewer requests otherwise.
    • Further review of the manuscript by a Reviewer is possible if the Editor decides against the reviewer's rejection recommendation, unless that Reviewer requests otherwise.
  1. Once reviews are complete, the Editor emails the Author the reviews and comments for revision of the manuscript, as necessary based on those recommendations and the Editor's decision.
  2. If revision is advised, upon receiving the notification, the Author will have to respond through email if he/she is willing to undertake the revision. Typically, the Author needs to return the revised manuscript within a week (12 days). However, if the Author needs more time to revise the manuscript, an email should be sent to notify the Editor. (NOTE: Failure to meet the deadline will result in the Author having to submit the revised paper as a new submission).
  3. The Author revises and email back by system and the final file with revisions made marked (or highlighted) for easy determination.
  4. The Editor then decides whether the manuscript will be sent for second review as per decision made.
  5. The accepted article then undergoes the layout process and the uncorrected draft sent to the Author for approval.
  6. Upon acceptance of the uncorrected draft, a final offprint version shall be uploaded into the Online First section, awaiting final assignment of Volume and Issue number.
  7. Print copies of the journal can be requested in advance with corresponding charges according to the agreement. live template and statement of originality

NOTE: Duration of the entire review to publication process usually takes around 45 to 60 days.