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Soil reinforcement using geo-textile is one of geotechnical structures, involving soil-structure
interaction. Recently, the problems are solved by neglecting the interface influence
between soil and structure. To obtain more realistic shear-strength parameter, it is required
to study the soil-structure interface. The study of behavior of soil-geotextile interaction
on the shear strength parameters is discussed in this research. The used soils in this research
are Palangkaraya sand. The well graded sand has relative density of 90%. The
sand sample is based on the maximum dry density (MDD) value obtained from standard
Vibrating table test ASTM D 4253. Determination of interface parameter on the shear
strength of sand geo-textile is obtained from direct shear test ASTM 3080. The intrinsic
interface shear strength parameters are friction angle of interface interface (?). The used
interface types are woven, non-woven and reinforcement. Result of the research gives
review on the behavior and interface modeling of soil-geotextile. Values of friction angle of
interface (?) obtained from sand-non-woven geotextile are higher than sand- woven
geotextile. The value of ? obtained from sand reinforcement is the highest. Ratio of ?/? for
non-woven geotextile ranges between 0,89~0.93. Ratio of ?/? for woven geotextile is about
0.81~0.87. Reinforcement ratio of ?/? is about 0.96 ~ 0.97. The value of ?/? is relatively
constant at residual strength conditions. The interface shear strength parame-ters are
influenced by the roughness of material. Nominal mass, tensile strength and elo-ngation is
slightly given influenced concerning shear strength interface parameters. The efficiency as
the portion of soil shear strength parameters that is mobilized showing trend are similar to ?
and ?/?. The result of this research can give contribution on determina-tion of interface
shear strength parameters in the analysis of soil reinforcement using geotextile in order to
design optimalization.


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